We provide professional housing for cryptocurrency mining machines.

We are focused mainly on mining of Bitcoin (ASIC miners). Therefore we offer housing for ASIC crypto mining machines like Ebit, Aisen, Avalonminer, Bitmain, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, Strong U, Cheetah, Aladdin.

Our crypto mining housing service can help you dramatically reduce the operational cost and significantly increase your profit.

Move all your cryptominers to our cryptomining center for just a few months and you will see how we can easily lower your costs, save your time (we can provide maintenance of miners as well) and increase your cryptomining efficiency and boost your earnings.

By placing your mining computers in our cryptohousing center you will get rid of the situations connected with:

  1. High electricity bills  – we will reduce your operating costs for energy consumption. While you can get a price of 0.22-0.27 $ per kWh (5-6 CZK per kWh), we can offer electricity price 0.14 $ per kWh (equivalent to 3.1 CZK per kWh) in exchange for 10 % from mining reward (10% of the coins mined from your ASIC machines). This significantly minimizes your electricity costs and maximize your future profit.
  2. Heat production and mining machines storage  – we place the mining hardware in the specially designed mining center having anti-dust filters, there are also very powerful but very efficient ventilation system. All these factors significantly extends the life of the cryptomining machines. And this also dramatically lower your electricity costs. Professionally designed cooling system reduce the heat exposed from mining computers (less heat = less power needed for ventilation, no power outages etc.). Also having 30+ ASICs placed at home take some space as well. Plus having all of this mining hardware locked up in locked mining center with its own security system is lets much better idea than having them at home…
  3. Profit  – our software monitors and selects the most efficient mining currency for your cryptomining machines. You will be connected to the most suitable  mining pool. These steps can increase profitability by up to 10-50%.  
  4. Cryptotrading – you can choose from the mining capital whether and what part we have to trade on the cryptocurrency stock exchange. So we can help you raise your capital by another tens of percent.
Please be aware of that we offer the cryptohousing services only to clients who can house at least 5 cryptomining machines. We can also cover big bulk orders and rent you space for 1,000 ASICs or more.

We focus mainly on Bitcoin mining – therefore we accept primarily ASIC machines for cryptohousing such as Ebit, Aisen, Avalonminer, Bitmain, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, Strong U, Cheetah, Aladdin. Unfortunately, we do not accept mining rigs (desktops PCs that have a larger number of graphics cards) for cryptohousing.

We have already many satisfied customers all over Europe, who use our cryptohousing services for couple of years. For all potentional customers we can also arrange a tour over our cryptomining center.



  • Electricity price for 0.14 $ per kWh
  • &
  • 10 % from mining
I want to increase mining profit
Try it with us and after the first month you will see that you earn more without worries and without unnecessary stress.