We provide full crypto mining machines maintenance services and help our clients fix their crypto miners without any effort.

As the profitability of crypto-mining machines also affected by their failure rate. All mining machines may stop working over time and need to be repaired. And then you need to be repair your mining hardware as soon as possible. Otherwise you are losing money every single second. 


  1. We take care of transportation of your mining computers to our cryptomining service center.
  2. We will take care of diagnostic of broken miners, calculate repair costs, buy spare parts or help you to purchase new crypto mining machines in case your cryptominers cannot be repaired for any costs.
  3. We transport your ASIC miners back to you or to our crypto mining center. And make them work (we completely reinstall them and make sure their are mining crypto again to your wallet).
All you have to do is to call us and let us do everything instead of you.